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Paragraph Writing for Advanced You

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# Paragraph Writing for Advanced You

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Deskripsi Paragraph Writing for Advanced You

This book was written as a sense of our care for education in Indonesia; We see the current condition that people feel hesitant to start writing. This condition could be due to the existence of references to read, so they are stuck. As we know that writing cannot be separated from reading, reading reference books, or other books that can inspire people to write.

Coming with comprehensive materials yet easy to understand for beginners; this book serves simple things such as the use of capitalization, punctuation, how to develop vocabulary through the use of antonyms and synonyms, and how to create main ideas and supporting sentences. It has the title, ‘Paragraph Writing for Advanced You’ is designed excitingly and is different from general writing tips books in English. The design takes the theme of cactus and gardens, which illustrates that writing is like farming; we need water, planting media, fertilizer, and plants we will grow. Besides attractive design, we also provide examples of reading that can inspire writers, a list of adjectives, verbs, antonyms, and synonyms that can be referred to when beginner start to write.

Ditambahkan pada: 14 October 2020

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